Fibromyalgia - Many think they cannot recover. It is not true!

I write about Fibromyalgia from both a personal perspective and a professional perspective.  I was diagnosed with this very painful condition in the early 1990′s and I suffered with it for three years.  I never linked this with the stress that was going on in my life at the time and most people don’t.  Doctors told me it was a physical condition that I would probably have all my life.  Good thing I didn’t believe that!  Long after the pain in my body disappeared I started to have pain in my knee.  I managed to get rid of it in one knee only for it to return in the other knee.  Doctors tried to tell me it was arthritis without doing any tests. For some reason I knew it wasn't and I was determined I would heal from it somehow.  I was just getting into the mind body connection and my pain in both knees finally disappeared.  I’ve been pain free for more than ten years.

If you don’t take anything else from what I write about this debilitating condition, please note this.  You can be completely free of Fibromyalgia.  In my experience it is a mind body connection illness.  It will always be connected to something that has gone on in your life in the past or is going on in the present.  However you won’t be aware of this on a conscious level which is why most people suffer with it for years. Beliefs around this illness can be a block to recovery. For example some people think it is hereditary, others see it as purely physical.

Dr John Sarno (see the page on useful links and resources) believed that pain was used by the unconscious mind as a distraction from painful emotions. The unconscious mind is very good at defending its position so I advise you to challenge your beliefs about getting well. You can beat it and if you believe that you can, you are already half way there.