"I have been working with Liz over a course of three months gaining insight into the mind body connection in treatment of chronic pain.


The journey started with looking into the childhood traumas together with Liz and addressing anxiety and emotional disbalance that turned out to be one of the underlying causes of my hip problems.


Liz is a very knowledgeable and experienced professional, she introduced me to various techniques and tools to manage emotional and physical distress and find the right connection between the physical and emotional worlds. 


The great advantage of working with Liz was the fact that all the tools and methods she used in her therapy turned out to be applicable to many areas of my life and quite easy to use. Now I can continue to use them whenever the necessity arises. So she "armed" me with the right tools for life.


Within a matter of few weeks I have achieved amazing improvements in my emotional and physical state!


I am really grateful to Liz for her help in reclaiming my life back. 


In addition, she also has a very calm and very friendly personality which makes the sessions relaxed and very enjoyable, she has always been very encouraging during my journey and truly happy for every successful step I have made. 


I would certainly recommend her and very grateful that I worked with her."