Dr John Sarno was a pioneer of Mind Body Medicine. Learn more about what he called TMS

Dr John Sarno  and Tension Myoneural Syndroms (TMS)

This doctor started a pioneering approach to treating chronic pain in the early 1970's.  As with all pioneers he was often riduculed by his peers and as with most new ways of thinking it is challenging changing beliefs through the decades.  Due to the work I do with my clients and my own experience of recovering from chronic pain I am sure his approach is the right one.  He has now retired and there are now a number of doctors and psychotherapists like myself who have great success with his methods.

If you suffer from back pain you might want to start with his book "Healing Back Pain".

In my experience many symptoms and illnesses have their origins in our emotions and the stress we have experienced in our lives.  So if you have other symptoms you might find his book "The Mind Body Prescription" suits you better.

There are many others who were inspired by his work and started to treat their patients this way to.  Here are some examples and the associated book titles:

"They can't find anything wrong" by Dr. Dave Clarke

"Unlearn your pain" by Dr Howard Schubiner

"Think away your pain" by Dr David Schecter