We all need a good nights sleep for us to function at an optimal level.  I am always surprised how easily some people accept not being able to sleep.  Many think that it cannot be helped or that it can only be helped by drugs.

My sleep programme consists of five sessions each lasting an hour and can be delivered to you either by face to face sessions, Skype or Facetime.

My programme uses Cognitive Behavioural techniques and other techniques to teach you about sleep and how you can get a better nights sleep.  It will also give you strategies to use in the future if sleep eludes you again.  Sometimes insommnia can be triggered by difficult events in our lives.  We can't escape those but we can learn how to deal with them more effectively.  Disruptive sleep patterns may become learned and you will learn strategies of how to change these.

If you want to talk to me more about this we can arrange a 30 minute complimetary appointment so you can learn more about the way it works.  If you want to have a quck chat on the telephone before signing up that's fine too.

The total cost of the programme is £175 for the five sessions and this is discounted compared to my normal hourly rate.